It’s the start of 2019, people set goals and want to achieve them, but what’s the answer as to how to achieve goals they set? In this article, I’ll share how I plan to achieve goals that I set for 2019 and how you can achieve yours.

How to Achieve Goals For 2019

People will start setting goals such as losing weight, eat healthily, meditate, sleep more, etc.But according to this article, a whopping 80% will give up and fail to keep there new years resolutions by February Why? Because people resist change. People sometimes talk about change, but when it actually comes to changing something, it is a lot harder for people to take action. In fact people fear change because they fear the unknown. For example, we all know somebody that is unhappy with their current job, yet they refuse to look somewhere else. This is because they are used to their current environment and the fear of change is enough to keep them in a job that does not make them happy. I used to be like this, In fact I stayed in a dead end job for 5 years before I finally had the courage to change! So how do we reinforce change and stay on track. Well I stay on track by using these 3 Powerful techniques

Be Mindful

The first step is to take a step back and have a look at your current habits and figure out what you want to change and WHY? The why is very important here as it will help you become one of the 20% that does not fail within 2 months.Now, you must be honest with yourself. There is zero point in lying to yourself here, but you need to figure out what is preventing you from doing what you want to do. For example, If you have a habit of eating junk foods when watching movies, how can you take care of your health? Or If you have a habit of smoking whenever you feel stressed, how can you quit? The point is to be mindful, know what triggers your bad habits and start building new habits. Mindfulness is very important. Mindfulness brings clarity, clarity brings action. Action will lead to results.


Keep it simple stupid.. It is certainly a good idea to dream big and set a huge goal, but I personally think people tend to set the bar far to high that when they see little to no results, they get disheartened and give up. By breaking up a big goal into smaller more achievable goals it will be far easier to see progress and will encourage you to keep going and before you know it, the initial huge goal will become more achievable itself

Get a Partner

It will help you a lot to get someone, a trusted friend, a parent, or a partner to ask them to be there as an accountability partner. Explain to them your goals, and report to them as often as they can tolerate 😊 When you hold yourself accountable, you’ll feel the responsibility to actually do what you need to do. And that extra push is sometimes all you need to stop your bad habits and create healthier ones.

Take the time to reflect

Some people like to keep journals, some people like to meditate and some people like to share with like minded people. Whatever you prefer, just take the time to reflect and remember the reasons why you started in the first place Click to Apply this 5 minute rule before bed


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