How to Connect Mitsubishi QJ71E71 to Ignition via Kepware

Mitsubishi PLC Set up

The Q Series Ethernet module QJ71E71-100 network related parameters in the controller must be set up using the Mitsubishi GX Works2 software.

Device Configuration

  1. Under the project tab double click on the Ethernet / CC IE / MELSECNET within the Network parameters folder.
  2. In the module 1 slot, enter the following parameters

Note the Start I/O is 0000 because the ethernet module is in slot 0 beside the CPU, If it was in slot 1 this would be 0001 etc.

3. Next Click on the Operation Setting and enter in the desired IP address

4. Click End to save your settings and take you back to the main screen. Now select open settings and set the protocol as below

Test Connection

5. Navigate to the Connection Destination and double click on the Current connection

6. On the PLC side, Click on the Ethernet Board and enter the following settings. Note the station number must not be one as this is the station number of the PLC

7. Double click Ethernet Module on the PLC side and enter the below details

8. Click on Other Station and Ethernet

9. Click on the connection test button and all going to plan you should have a successful connection

Set Up Kepware

Right click on connection and add a new Channel

Add the Mitsubishi Ethernet driver

Settings should look like the following screenshots

Right click on the Channel you have set up and add a new device. The following screens show the correct setup

Note that we have used the UDP protocol. The TCP protocol appeared to be a little bit buggy and would not connect for me all of the time, UDP removes the 3 way handshaking and allows connection all of the time.

All of the other parameters are okay set to Default

To add a tag, simply right click on the device you created. The tag add address is the same as in the PLC program

On the ignition OPC browser, you should now be able to see, read and write to the tags you have created in Kepware

Connect Ignition to kepware

In the configure section of the Gateway, go to OPC Connections > Servers

Create new OPC-UA connection

Select OPC-UA and click next

Enter opc.tcp://localhost:49320 in the text box and hit enter. If Kepware is on a different machine, replace local host with the machines IP address

Select the one with the security policy : Basic256,MessageSecurity,SignAndEncrypt.

Enter a name and a username and password for the Kepware account.

  1. If you have no user set up in Kepware – leave this blank
  2. If you have a user – fill in user credentials
  3. If you have a user but can’t remember login – leave blank and allow anonymous users on Kepware (not recommended)

When you click on Create New OPC Server, you will most likely find that the connection is faulted at this stage. This is because Kepware is denying access to Ignition OPC Client

In the system Tray- Right click on the Kepserver Icon and select OPC UA Configuration

Click on trusted Clients and you should see a screen like below

Click on Trust and go back to ignition. It will still show as faulted so click on edit and just save changes and you should now be connected.

If it is still showing a fault, you can allow anonymous login. Click on the Kepserver desktop icon. Select edit > properties > OPC-UA and change anonymous login to yes..

You can check that you are connected by going to the configuration tab, and in the left-hand navigation look for Quick Client under OPC connections


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