Anyone that knows me will not be surprised by this, but I am a huge huge fan of Match Betting to make a little extra income.Personally, with the right attitude, I think this is one of the easiest ways to make money online Risk free. In Fact I talk about it so much that one of my close friends thought(and still thinks) that I am Mike Cruikshank the creator of  Bonus Bagging and Profit maximiser. It makes me chuckle every time Claire tells me I must be Mike, but I am definitely  100% not Mike and have nothing to do with him other than buying his product from him.

What is Profit Maximiser

Profit Maximiser is a matched betting service that takes advantage of free bet offers and bookie bonuses to guarantee a profit no matter what the outcome of the event you will be betting on. This is possible due to the bonuses that bookies give out on a daily basis to entice customers to bet with them such as Sign up offers or Reload offers and it is even possible to make a guaranteed income from accumulators.

There are offers available every single day so even if you are a busy parent or work long hours, you will still be able to take advantage of the offers that profit maximiser will pick out for you. Profit Maximiser (trial available here) tells you exactly how to generate a profit on every single offer available on any given day.

Below is a video I found on you tube that I think explains it quiet well and will even give you a peek as to what to expect once you get inside


How does Profit Maximizer work?

I have touched on this above, but Profit maximizer posts daily offers from bookmakers on their website. They can post anything from free bets, sign up offers, casino offers and even Bingo offers. There is literally something for everyone.

The also have a private Facebook group, this is where the real money can be made as members post up offers or loopholes that arise that mike may not have the time to post on the members page. Personally, I was not a fan of the Facebook format for a long time, but I just got used to it after a while and now feel that it actually works pretty well.

The Best thing about profit maximizer is that you do not need any experience in betting for this to work, in fact Mike will guide you through all of the basics and if you are still unsure the community is always on hand to help new members out. Honestly if my wife can do it than anybody can!

How much does it cost?

Profit Maximizer costs £99 per year, which you may is a big chunk to pay out but you can get a all-access 14 day Trial for just £1 using this link and if you follow Mikes guidelines he will help you to recoup the entire cost in only 3 days. So in theory, 14 days should be more than enough time to make the cost of PM back or just cancel the trial and pay nothing more.

What is Included with Profit Maximizer?

The best thing about profit maximizer is that they take advantage of many different areas, Some are completely risk free and some are not risk free but the maths suggests that in the long run, you will come out with a profit and MATH is never Wrong 🙂

Lets take a look at what is in included below:

Sports Betting Offers

This is the bread and butter of the system and the offers can range from risk free offers such as sign up bonuses and reload bonus to not risk free offers such as 2nd place favorite refunds. It does not matter what your experience is or what risk level you willing to take, it would be hard to go through a whole year and not at least make double what you pay for this service, In fact if you do it right, you will make that amount in a week.

Offer Calendar

One of the best tools on the site is the daily calendar, I love this because before after I did Bonus Bagging which was mikes first platform, I decided to do it myself and find all of the offers and not pay Mike but let me tell you something, this literally took ages to do and was kind of boring to do each night, so for me, I would rather pay the yearly fee and know that when I log in that I will see all the offers I need you can hide any offers you don’t want or never want to see if you want so you will only get the type of offers you really want.


You might have guessed that playing with odds will give you the best return when it comes to matched betting, Every  single tick counts and with oddsmatcher you can pick out a bet in less than 2 minutes. There is of course a calculator to help you with the correct staking but again this tool was a massive time saver for me. I remember the good old days where I would have Betfair and the bookies open and literally trawl through both pages until I found a match. Sometimes this could take an Hour or even more depending on the bookmakers so this tool was a godsend when Mike brought it on board. You guys do not know how lucky you have it!!!

Some people do also use it for arbitrage opportunities but personally I just used this to find close matches for my free bets as Arbitrage never really appealed to me due to the risks involved.


Email Support

I worked in email support before and while I enjoyed it, it was tedious answering the same questions repeatedly. So what I admire from Mike is that he is happy to do just that at any time of the day. His customer care is second to none which is why I believe he has such a following online. I have often emailed him at all hours and he would have a reply back to me straight away and he is always happy to guide you especially if you are new. My advise is to test him out before you try the product. Send him an email with any question you may have and see for yourself how helpful he can be.


The Profit Maximiser forum is situated on Facebook, Il be Honest, this took me a while to get used to it, but now I quiet like it, you can hide any posts you don’t want to see and you can save others that you wish to keep. I find this very handy as I can eliminate offers I don’t like straight away.

The best thing bout the forum, is that you will get all the latest offers and odds live. Often times there may be a loop hole or two that may only be available for a couple of hours and this is where the magic happens. I once made nearly 5 figures from a loophole that was found on jackpot joy, It was completely legal and although these results are not typical, It can and does happen more often than you think.

Another Reason I like the forum, is that everybody is using their real profiles, there is no hiding behind silly forum names so you are accountable for what you say and write. This is good because people tend to be more helpful, It is also nice to interact with people who have the same interest as you do. Trading can become a lonely world sometimes so it is good to be able to talk to people, For some reason my wife doesn’t like talking about matched betting 😊

Casino Offers

For me, This is the number one money making machine on the internet at the moment.i MUST  stress, that this is not risk free but if you stick with the guidelines you will make money hand over fist with the casino offers. When I first joined in 2014, I think I did like 3 offers and lost on all 3, and it was a year before I touched them again, but I have to be honest and tell you that they are my biggest earners for the last few years. Below are some screenshots that I found on the Forum that I had saved, Although these were not mine personally, It is more than possible to win 6 figures on these offers.(I am nearly sure someone won 7 figures but I cant find it)

Again, These results are not typical, but it is more common to pick up an extra couple of hundred here and there.

If I was starting again, I would  start by building my bank by doing all of the match betting sign up offers they were completed I would move onto the casino offers before moving on to some of the advanced stuff or just follow the 6 steps below.


Are there Alternatives?

Matched betting is not something new and I am not sure who even came up with the concept but there are many ways which you can take advantage of this game. In terms of matching the software that profit Maximiser has, I have only used one other service called OddsMonkey.  I joined Oddsmonkey as they were offering a £1 trail for a couple of months and to be fair it was fantastic, The website is much better than profit maximizer and it offers most if not all of the same functions. However, in the end , I stayed with profit maximizer because I felt the community is much stronger.


If you want to go down the Manual route there are a couple of websites I would recommend.  The first one Bet72 –  Darren does a fantastic job on this website and it is completely free of charge and the second is smarkets matched betting blog. This has to be the best blog out their so it is a must follow if you want to get involved



For me personally, profit maximiser comes out on top although I would not put you off Oddsmonkey or going down the manual  route. There probably is a ton of other match betting services out their but I have never used them so I cannot comment on them. I would as, ever encourage you to do more research and one blog that is good is lay back and get rich- They trial all sorts of systems with the results in plain sight for everyone to see so you can pretty much tell if a system or service will match your profile without having to risk your own money first or sign up for all-access 14 day Trial for just £1 using this link to profit maximizer


Profit Maximiser




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