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Thank you very much for stopping by, hopefully you might find something that will be useful for you.

I have stated this blog, with the aim of sharing my experiences and connecting with some like-minded people which will help me to continue to grow and learn.

So what will this blog be about.?  To be honest I don’t know what direction it will take but let me just give you, very briefly, my background, just to wet your appetite regarding some of my favourite topics.

Firstly and most importantly, I am a proud hubby to my childhood sweetheart and we have two little nutcrackers, who honestly, have both taught me more in less than a decade than I have taught them. The three of them are number 1 priority for me because without their constant love and support, I don’t think id have the success I have had to date.

I’m currently in the final semester of an Electrical Engineering degree, where I went back to study full time as a mature student. Electrical seemed to be the obvious path for me as I was a qualified electrician but right now I am thinking I would prefer to work as a software engineer and focus my time in that area. My preferred language is C# but I can navigate around python with the help of Stackoverflow and I currently tutor a couple of students in LabView.

I also co-run a Café in my home town called Quench which we set up when I was in year 3 of 5 of my degree. If you ever come to Waterford, drop in and say hello. Our coffee is the best in town. #justsaying.  Why I set up a café is a whole different story but it will actually be 2 years to the day that we are open this week and thankfully the hard work has paid off so far.

I have set myself a goal of becoming financially free by the time I am 40, which gives me a little over 2900 days. I did tell you I am studying engineering and I do like Math so if you want to know my age, here is a little clue: (6)2-(2)2 = x Solve for x. I promise there won’t be a lot of Math on here, unless you ask of course, in which case I would be happy to help😊

I have told everyone that I know about my goal, The more people I tell, the more I have to follow through on my promise. It’s all part of the law of attraction, which amazingly I only found out about the last couple of years. IT REALLY WORKS!!

How I am going to do it, is still undefined but in the last couple of years I have wiped out all my consumer debt, saved up enough to live on for 6 months and have started to invest in areas such as Dividend paying stocks and Cryptocurrency. All this while giving up my job 4 years ago to go back to college and have not been working for someone else since. I am also going to try give this online world a bash and meet regular with a long time friend about starting an online venture.

Full Disclosure: This is not intended to be an affiliate blog or a blog that promotes other products. If I do post an affiliate link, I will be completely transparent and will only ever post something that I have bought and owned myself

Now that is enough about me for now.   Please feel free to reach put and connect with me. Id love to hear about you and what interests you

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